It has taken a couple of generations of continuous effort since Ralph Nader and Unsafe at Any Speed to make significant inroads into the road toll; that said, we still have more to do.

The motoring analogy has a lot to teach us about internet safety: online and mobile safety will be the combination of safer networks, safer devices and safer users. There is no way around this: no magic bullet.

But setting aside all the arguments about the weightings these three different dimensions should be given in making the internet safer, here are two ‘here and now’ contributions to the safe use dimension.

The first was launched by the Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities during Privacy Awareness Week earlier in May. It is the ID Theft Tooland is a self assessment test you can give yourself right now on how well you are protecting yourself against identity theft. Go on, take the test: it might take you 10 minutes, but I bet you get a surprise somewhere while taking it.

The second is ReclaimPrivacy, the Facebook Privacy Scanner. If you are now confused by all the Facebook privacy settings & want some simple and graphic assessment of the vulnerabilities in your current settings, then go on and take the test. This takes even less effort!

And for some thoughts on what to do at the other levels? Well, if you are in Brisbane on 1 June, come to the Big Picture Seminar that I am giving at the Customs House on Privacy by Design: An oxymoron, an impossibility or the way to go?