Privacy by Design incorporates privacy from the planning stage rather than tacking it on at the end.

What is privacy, REALLY?

What is 'Privacy by Design'?

After the concept was first developed by the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, it has become the new framework for thinking globally.  Leaders in the European Commission; the European Data Protection Supervisor; the UK Information Commissioner and interests in the US such as the Department of Commerce all see great promise in this way of ensuring privacy is 'built in' not 'built on' later as a compromise.

A number of recent initiatives in Australia have included Privacy by Design as part of more comprehensive strategies to respect privacy. These include the health identifier being issued for all Australians.

I was asked to speak on this topic at a Big Picture Seminar organised by NICTA (National ICT Australia) in Brisbane.

Now it is out on video and is based on a PPT that is complete with links to wider references and includes a short video of UProve being used in Germany.  The talk went over well and I hear is being sought for replay on local TV.

Since then, Privacy by Design has come up again in the debate about Facebook and privacy, with regulators asking questions and a court case in Canada.  It was the subject of a short segment on the Channel 7 Morning show earlier in July which you can see (after a short ad) at "Facebook privacy policy poked".

The jury might be out, but in my view Privacy by Design is not an oxymoron.  It does take a clear mind and persistence to achieve, with rewards for all, including the financial bottom line.  But we have more to do!