IIS offers privacy consulting services that help organisations achieve their goals and build trust and stronger relationships with customers and citizens. We provide services in three key areas — Innovation, Business as Usual, and Troubleshooting:


Information management is an integral part of the operations of both public and private sector organisations, especially as organisations collect increasing amounts of data both to enhance their products and services and to provide increasingly tailored services that many customers expect.

Whether you are a business or a government agency setting up new customer relationship management systems, managing identity or providing new online services, handling information well and gaining customer and citizen trust will be critical to your success. In this age of rapid technology development and deployment, keeping privacy front and centre is critical from a compliance and trust point of view.

Clients approach IIS for different information management needs. They could be reviewing existing operations or developing a new service or product and seeking to gain the edge through best privacy practice. They might have experienced a privacy incident and need help, or they may want to take proactive steps to minimise the risk of privacy incidents or crises.

IIS provides a range of services to create and enhance an organisation's value and build customer and citizen trust.