Information Integrity Solutions (IIS) helps public and private sector organisations embed trust and privacy as core value propositions in their products and services.

IIS is a global consultancy with extensive experience working with government agencies, commercially focused companies and not for profit organisations globally.

IIS' global connections and deep knowledge of privacy enables the company to extend beyond compliance to focus on practical issues that affect outcomes for organisations and their clients.

Solutions include ways to increase adoption of a new product or service by building trust through respect for the customer or citizen and their personal information; and looking beyond organisation risk to address customer and citizen risk.


Privacy Notices
and Policies

Drafting clear and readable policies by using a layered notice approach consistent with the approach adopted by Privacy Commissioners globally.



Assisting public and private sector organisations position themselves as future oriented and leading edge product and service providers.


Reassuring customers that they have appropriate privacy processes and procedures in place, and providing practical solutions where gaps exist.

by design

Engaging with operational staff and management, developers, designers and engineers to incorporate privacy by design concepts into business processes from the start.

Governance and

Building the privacy strategy to provide your public or private sector organisation with the building blocks for trusted engagements with customers and citizens.



Advising on how to manage data breach incidents, privacy crises and complaints including how to respond appropriately to privacy regulators and other external stakeholders.