Data Breach and Crisis Handling

IIS advises public and private sector organisations on how to manage data breach incidents, other privacy crises and privacy complaints including how to respond appropriately to contact with privacy regulators and other external stakeholders. With the federal mandatory data breach notification scheme commencing in February 2018, getting the response right is more important than ever.

How an organisation handles a privacy incident impacts the organisation's reputation. IIS employs staff with over 60 years combined experience working in privacy and data protection, hence can steer organisations effectively through the public relations, regulator and user stakeholder engagements that arise in the aftermath of a data breach, privacy complaint or other privacy crisis.

When managing a privacy incident, IIS advises on incident containment, investigation and customer notification as well as the following services:

  • Regulator, customer and stakeholder engagement
  • Privacy review (including ICT platforms)
  • Privacy governance and strategy
  • Privacy policies and notices
  • Privacy skills development, mentoring and training

For an example of how we helped a client successfully manage a data breach incident, see this case study.

Data Breach and Crisis Handling