Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Law reform

IIS leads public and private sector organisations to think through the practical implications of law reform proposals impacting on privacy. Often at issue is ensuring regulation of personal information management keeps up with emerging new business models.

IIS has been invited to draft submissions on Bills and other legislative proposals or provide Privacy Impact Assessments on proposed new laws.

Shaping future policy and ICT design and development

IIS is a globally recognised thought leader on privacy and trust. IIS assists public and private sector organisations position themselves as future oriented and leading edge product and service providers.

IIS conducts 'think tank' forums that connect people and ideas. IIS partners with Global Access Partners (GAP), a proactive and influential network. Together IIS and GAP have initiated high-level discussions at the cutting edge of the most pressing commercial, social and global issues of today. Themes have included identity management, new approaches to privacy and trust in the information age and cloud computing.

IIS is active in a number of US, EU and Australian thought leadership and ICT development initiatives. This ensures that its advice brings in state of the art knowledge with an insight into future directions.

White papers

IIS delivers thought leadership pieces including the preparation of articles and white papers in a wide range of areas. These include governanceidentity management, privacy regulation and reform, cross-border data flows and international regulation and technology and privacy. A selection of these can be downloaded from IIS' publications page.