Many of these papers are still available online in the Pandora archive hosted by the National Library of Australia.


  • "Online security in a connected world: public and private sector collaboration" - Microsoft Government Leaders' Summit 2003, Seattle, May 2003
  • "Under the Gaze, Privacy Identity & New Technology" - 3rd Privacy Forum, Wellington NZ, March 2003
  • "International Privacy: The Australian perspective" 3rd Annual Privacy Summit, International Association of Privacy Professionals, Washington DC, February 2003


  • "Security vs Privacy" - Internet Law & Policy Forum 2002, Seattle, September 2002
  • "New Ground Rules for a Post 9/11 World?" - Scientific American's Summit on Preserving an Open Society in an Age of Terrorism, New York, March 2002


  • "Building Trust in the Online Environment: Business-to-Consumer Dispute Resolution" - OECD, Hague Conference on Private International Law & International Chamber of Commerce, The Hague, December 2000
  • "Which rules? Integrating different tools in a global perspective" 22nd International Conference on Privacy & Data Protection, Venice, September 2000
  • "Global Policy Makers" - Global Privacy Summit, Washington DC, September 2000
  • "A Socratic Dialogue by Privacy Commissioners" Computers Freedom & Privacy Conference, Toronto, April 2000


  • "Privacy Issues with Pervasive Computing" IBM Pervasive Computing Conference, Singapore, November 1999